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Brickhead Meetings 2013

9-1-13: Kick-off for the 2013 season with Brickhead Beach Day in Santa Cruz! Overview of the robot missions. Worked on teamwork with a scavenger hunt at the beach. The list of items changes/updates, so teams must check the list often just like the FLL update page.

9-6-13: Project kick-off. Discussed the project requirements and went over the rules. Worked on identifying types of natural distasters. Came up with a few ideas for projects. Team building: made strawberry shortcake and quesadillas.

9-8-13: Reviewed all of the missions on the board. Rated the missions according to difficulties. Reviewed the updates. Figured out the dependencies of the missions and ordered the missions according to the ratings. Reviewed the base robot and created an excel spread sheet of the mission list, points, difficulties and bang for the buck (points divided by difficulties). Figured out what missions we wanted: Alison - tree + pets to base, Brian - ambulance + base isolation and maybe gas, Andrew - plane + tsunami, Sean: house + man + motorcycle and truck to base, and Jeremy - obstacle + safety + safe place + all the stuff.

9-13-13: Broke into three groups to do project research: Sean and Alison - before natural disaster, Andrew and Brian - during natural disaster, and Jeremy - after natural disaster. Team building: organizing a barbaque for the Brickhead families from start to finish. Station assignments: grill - Andrew and Brian, side dishes, beverages, and dessert station - Alison, Jeremy, and Sean. Created a menu and invited the families.

9-15-13: Each team member worked on their designated mission by creating attachments, figuring out the robot path, and thinking of how to successfully complete their mission.

9-20-13: We worked on the barbeque menu and we designed the ambulance. Also, we decided the parts in the skit and we chose the project. We planned out the barbeque activities.

9-22-13: We started programming and we finished the barbeque list. Also, we researched and designed the ambulance further. We worked on attachments.

9-27-13: We worked on our teamwork. Organized and prepared a barbacue for the families of the Brickheads. Alison prepared the caesar salad, potato skins, and drinks. Sean prepared the pasta and dessert. Andrew barbacued and made dessert. Brian barbacued, made dessert and a drink. Jeremy prepared corn and drinks. Created a game called "Who's that Brickhead?"

9-29-13: Completed a few more missions. Andrew started a new mission and is testing. Sean worked on the assignements for our new music video. Created a presentation for a rookie team to explain all the part of FLL and the Nature's Fury challenge. Worked on more detailed research for our project. Alison assigned team member research topics.

10-4-13: Researched project. Each team member researched a different part of our project.

10-6-13: Worked on completing the current missions we are working on.

10-11-13: Went to Red Hot Chilly Bots', a rookie team, meeting and went over the rules for the different judging categories. Then, at our own meeting, we discussed the script for our skit.

10-13-13: Worked on the combining mission and the skit. We also went to mentor the iDroids.

10-26-13: Worked on refining individual missions and the skit.

11-1-13: Worked on the presentation and made props.

11-10-13: Worked on combined mission and presentation skit. Worked on individual missions that were having problems.

11-15-13: Practiced the presention and talked about core values.

11-17-13: Worked on handouts for the qualifier tournament. Made good luck bags for the other teams. Ran our combined missions over and over and over again!

11-29-13: Last practice before tournament: robot, presentation, and teamwork.




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